The Bar Walls

The Bar Walls

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The Roman army established a fortress on the banks of the River Ouse called Eboracum in AD 71. The fortress was rectangular and covered an area of 20 hectares. There were four large gatehouses situated on in the wall. There are situated at St Helen's Square, King's square, under Botham Bar and north-east of the Treasurer's House. The height of the oringal was was five metres tall, some of the walls today continues beneath the grass. The Romand left York in around AD 410 but quite a lot of there walls remain and they are in good condition.

The Imperial Roman Court was based in York for three years during the war against the rebellious northern tribes. Emperor Septimius Severus was bron in Africa and died in York in AD 211

The Siege of York 1644

On the 16th July 1644 the Royalists surrendered the City (after three months of siege) to the besieging Parliamentary forces. The terms of surrender were generous and it was due to Ferdinando Fairfax and his son. Thomas Fairfax, second and third Lords Fairfax of Cameron, that the City (and in particluar the Minster glass) was preserved from destruction


Photographs of The Bar Walls, York

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